Embrace Change Head On

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Embrace Change Head On

I will be the first to tell you: change is hard. Whether you are “forced” to change because of an unexpected shift in your industry, or if you are looking for a new way to shake things up – change is inevitable.

And, as technology revolutionizes how we attract and retain customers, the sooner you embrace change, the more you can leverage it to grow your business.

If you follow my podcasts, you’ll notice now on our Peak Performer YouTube channel, we have a new video set-up. Instead of just following along hearing my voice and seeing a static image on the screen, you can see my lovely face and that of the experts I am interviewing. This was a major change for me and my team. We had spent upwards of a decade doing audio, with no video, and things were fine. But, I wanted to challenge myself and step outside of the box, so we have adopted a completely different approach.

My industry has changed dramatically since the early 2000’s. People want to see your face, they want to be able to experience you (even if online and with 1-way video). Bottom line: people want to feel connected with you.

If I had allowed the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” mentality to dominate my way of thinking, I could have lost out on an amazing opportunity to grow my business and better attract new clients. So, I am fully embracing this change head on and I have set up a solid team to help me stay accountable.

Since change is hard and often comes with a host of uncertainties, it is crucial that you have an accountability team in place on day one and have a proven way to track your progress. If you don’t, you will likely fall back to doing things how they’ve always been done and pass up the chance to grow.

So, this week, ask yourself, “What areas in your business could use an upgrade or a major change?” Once you pinpoint that area, make a detailed plan (with deadlines) to put something new in place.


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