Slow and Steady – Gaining Momentum

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Slow and Steady – Gaining Momentum

Have you gotten off track with things in your life or business?

If you have, you’re not alone. We all have things that fall to the wayside, or times of the year when certain things we need to do inevitably get put on the back burner. The key to getting back on track will come from you making the decision to hold yourself accountable. For me, I am constantly holding myself accountable and adjusting every week to make sure I am focused on the right things. If you feel like you are getting off track, you need to commit to taking an action. Putting off things that need to be done, letting procrastination take over, or succumbing to inaction will quickly derail your progress.

Instead of trying to jump back in head first, sometimes it is as simple as taking one day at a time, or doing one task at a time. But, you have to decide to get back on track now, and focus on starting to do something, even if it is one small task that helps you build momentum to slowly get things going again. When you try to tackle too many things at once, you will get overwhelmed and this will inevitably burn you out and keep you off track.

To kick the rut, find ways to hold yourself accountable. Tell people that you want to start over, share your goals with others, and invite them to follow-up with you to hold you accountable. For me, I have been training for an ironman triathlon. I posted it on Facebook and this helps me to push through the days when I want to give up or skip a workout.

When all else fails, focus on tomorrow. Would you rather skip something today and let that feeling of dread sink in tomorrow, or would you rather suck it up and do it today and feel more productive tomorrow? The ultimate choice is yours. But, start somewhere and add more little by little until you are back on track.

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