Get Clear on What You Want

Get Clear on What You Want

Get Clear on What You Want

I tell my clients all the time… 

It’s not about what you know that makes you successful, it’s all in how you execute.

And, you cannot execute, if you don’t have a plan. 

But, it’s deeper than that. Because you cannot plan if you don’t have a goal. 

Even still, you can take it one more step further. You can’t make a goal if you are not clear about what you want. 

The key to figuring out what you want starts with one person: YOU!

It’s time today to get clarity around your goals, to hone in on the specifics of where you want to be and why.

Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to have more time to spend doing the things you love? 

Or, do you want the freedom to travel?

Whatever your end goal is, you need to figure it out and then put the things in place to get you there.

At the end of every year, I spend three days at the beach really thinking about what I’ve accomplished the previous year. This is my time to get real with myself and to see if what I’ve done has put me closer to my goals or further away. And, when I do this, I’m better positioned to figure out what my next set of goals and action plans need to be.

For example, if I decide that I want to be able to take a month-long trip to Fiji. I’ll break that down. What is it about the trip that I want. Is there something specific that the trip represents for me? Is it a sense of adventure? Does the trip represent a new level of financial freedom or business success? Or, is it something else entirely that is driving me to want this trip? 

By analyzing what I want and the intangibles behind why I want it, I’m able to start crafting the business plans and tasks that have to be accomplished in order for me to achieve my goal.

But, had I not drilled down deeper to understand the “why” behind the goal – I could have ended in Fiji for a month (accomplished my goal) and still not have been satisfied because I didn’t fulfill my true want.

So, this week I challenge you to set aside at least an hour to reflect on two things: your wants and your goals. For peak performers, your wants and your goals must always be aligned if you want to execute at the highest level. Otherwise, you’ll risk investing time and energy into achieving a goal, that is still leaving you unfulfilled.

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