Get Real With Your Level of Commitment

Get Real With Your Level of Commitment

Not too long ago, my Operations Manager, Dylan and I went to Nashville to participate in a digital marketing training called ClickFunnels. 

We were there for three days, learning the ins and outs of their system and the impact it could have on our business. At some point, Dylan and I looked at each other and we made the decision to move forward and purchase this new software. On the third day, late in the afternoon, a speaker came to the stage and challenged the audience. He asked us, “Are you all in and committed to making this system work for our business?” And, I sat there and I knew we were all in. So, I thought. I mean after all buying the system was a $297 a month commitment.

Then they made an offer to the audience. You could get the full system and have the rare opportunity to work with a trainer and get one-on-one support to take full advantage of the system. You’d get someone to walk you through everything for a whole year. But, this was a HUGE financial commitment of $30,000. Now, at this price point, I cringed a lot. I thought I was all in when the price was $297 a month, but now I had my doubts. I had to get real with myself because if I was hesitant at spending the $30,000 to get the help I knew we needed then I must not be all in. I knew the substantial results I could get if I was really all in and made the significant investment. 

Once you commit to being all in, you have to take the necessary actions to see it through – with no excuses. If I opted out of the full support, I wasn’t really doing everything I could to see my vision through. I was only about 75% committed, not 100% all in. And, when you’re not 100% invested, you can’t expect to achieve 100% of the results you want.

Are you getting the results you want? 

If not, are you willing and able to do whatever it takes to get to the next level? If you don’t have someone walking beside you, guiding you through the steps to get to where you need to be, then now is the time to find a coach. 

Having that one-on-one support and with an objective lens you can get invaluable insight and strategies to help you fast track your results. When you are so consumed in your business, you can lose sight of what you need to do. So having a third party come in to help you stay the course can give you a winning advantage. 
At Peak Performers, we welcome you to join us, if you believe we are the right fit for you. If not, please do find a reputable Accountability Partner to help you take the precise actions you need to start getting the results you want.

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