You Can Have the Results You Want

You Can Have the Results You Want

I always tell my clients that you can’t have everything, but you can have anything. In this regard, everything you currently have is within your comfort zone. These are things that you have already attained and what you can reach to have. But, the things you want are outside of your comfort zone, meaning you have to put forth more effort to achieve these things. So, the question becomes, “how do you bring things into your reach or your comfort zone?” 

The answer is quite simple. It all starts with you being committed to taking an action. It could be assigning a project to an employee, hiring a new team member, dedicating time to do research, or make a goal to contact 10 new clients. Whatever the action you need to take is, the bottom line is you have to take that action to get things going. As you continue to take action, you will begin to get results. However, keep in mind that the results you generate may or may not be the results you want. Taking action drives results, and this, in turn, shapes our beliefs (both positive and negative). It is these beliefs that will determine if we continue to take action or quit altogether.

For example, if you cold call 10 people and you get nowhere, then you may form the belief that cold calling doesn’t work. You may then decide to stop cold calling completely. Unfortunately, your newfound belief may be wrong. You may need to make 20 calls or change your strategy to get cold calling to work. But, when you form that initial belief that it doesn’t work, you will let inaction sink into this realm of your business.

Even if a specific action doesn’t give you the results you want, you should keep pushing forward. Because the more you take action, the more you form habits and the more you form habits, the more these habits can become routines and eventually part of your identity. That means these tasks or behaviors become so ingrained into who you are and how you operate that not doing them is not an option. Think about what that could mean for your business. If you are so used to researching or finding new ideas that it becomes automatic, imagine how much growth your business may be able to achieve. 

This week I welcome you to reflect on your business. Where in your business are you struggling to get the motivation to take action? Where do you need to keep taking action? What habits have you formed that need to change? Remember if anything is not in alignment with what you want or what you are trying to achieve, then you need to pivot accordingly.

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