3 Life Lessons I Learned from Navy Seals Training

3 Life Lessons I Learned from Navy Seals Training

A few years ago, I decided to take my fitness to a new, more grueling level. I spent time training with the Navy Seals and even with the very first physical exercise, I knew this would be like nothing I had ever done before. We started with having to hold a plank for 22 minutes. Yes, 22 minutes! And, though I didn’t do it continuously, every time I fell, I dug deeper to get enough to get back up in position. This time tested me in every way and made me realize what is possible when you are able to push your limits to the edge. Here are the three life-changing lessons Navy Seals training taught me.

  1. It’s ok to stop, but not to give up. There were so many times during that week of training that I was exhausted. My body hurt in places I didn’t think could hurt. And, though I wanted to stop and just catch my breath and sleep, I kept pushing forward. We were a team and when any one of us was ready to throw in the towel, we rallied and made sure we all made it through. In life and business things will get tough and seem unbearable, but how you rise to the occasion and keep going is key. It is okay to stop, catch your breath, but restart committed more than ever to seeing it through to the end – no matter what.
  2. Don’t lose momentum. You’ll find this with most exercise or even routines. When you are doing them consistently, it is easier to keep the progress going, then if you stop and try to restart from scratch. During my Navy Seals training, as long as I was able to stay in motion, my muscles and mind could keep chugging along. But, as soon as I stopped, and especially if I sat down, getting back up was even more exhausting. In your business, where have you stopped and never restarted? Focus time on getting the motion back into these areas so you can build up momentum to get things to happen.
  3. Watch the company you keep. My group during the weeklong training were an amazing group of people. We encouraged each other, challenged each other, and it made getting through the training much easier. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around. So, if your company brings negativity to your life, this will inevitably affect your performance. You want to build an incredible support team around you who have the mindsets and skills you want to tap into to reach your peak performance. If there’s anyone in your inner circle who isn’t adding to your success or who doesn’t share the same standards of success as you do, then it’s time to cut them loose.

This week, I challenge you to consider these three lessons and see where they may be applied to your life or business. If you need help navigating through your current business challenges, don’t be shy. Drop me a line at thor@thorconklin.com and I’ll be happy to jump on a call with you to better understand where you may need help.

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