8 Ways to Generate Abundance in Your Business

8 Ways to Generate Abundance in Your Business

There is abundance everywhere you look, but sometimes you stop and think about what more you want.

But, first, let’s look at lack… and what it really means and, more importantly, what may be getting in the way.

If your business is not growing, or not being profitability, what could be causing this? I have 8 things you need to do today to make sure you’re able to get these “lack” areas up to speed and generating results.

  1. Strategy – if you don’t have the right strategy to bring your products or services to market, then you may struggle getting the sales you need to move forward. If things are not going well, start by evaluating your strategy and make big changes, if needed. Don’t be afraid to start over!
  2. Offer – what are you giving your customers? Is it what they really want? You should invest a lot of time in understanding how your customers think, what they crave, and how to make sure your products or services fit their needs to a “T”. If your sales are declining, then your offer may need some adjusting.
  3. Lack of Action – Are you putting things into movement? Are you executing as planned? Many times your business is stalling because you are not following through and holding teams (and yourself) accountable. Get in there and try things, generate momentum, and keep going.
  4. Track, Measure and Make Adjustments – You want to test as many things as you can (without putting an undue burden on your business). The key is you want to know what is working, what is not working, and exactly when it is time for you to pivot to another direction. The point is to keep forward progress but to also be aware of where you stand at all times to make adjustments to keep the momentum going in the right direction.
  5. Optimism – The past to success is not a straight line and sometimes you may need to take steps back to make leaps forward. You must stay firm in your belief that things will work out and that you are capable of making things happen. Without optimism, why even do this, right?
  6. Time – Things take time! Owning your own business will test you, in more ways than one. But, you have to stay committed to seeing things through and finding ways to maximize time to get results as fast as you can (without putting your business in jeopardy).
  7. Money – The only way you go out of business is if you run out of cash. Having cash or ample start-up funding is ideal so that you have the financial cushion you need to buy you time to get to where you want to be. You should never go into business without enough cash on hand to keep everything afloat for at least a year.
  8. Be Known, Liked and Trusted. Your customers have to know that you are out there. You have to market and network like crazy. Don’t expect that people will find you. The build it and they will come model is outdated and will lead you nowhere. Get in front of your audiences now and make sure what you offer is what they need and provide superior service – without fail – all the time!

Where do you feel like you’re lacking? Where could your business use a much-needed boost? Need help getting over the hump? Don’t be shy, feel free to email me at thor@thorconklin.com and I’ll be happy to jump on a call with you for a 15-minute strategy call.

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