Are You in the Game?

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Are You in the Game?

Now that we are well into 2019, it is time to stop planning and start executing! Many business owners think that they’re in the game, but in reality, you’re spinning your wheels with planning. You can plan yourself into procrastination if you don’t convert that planning into action.

You have to start – and start somewhere. That first Facebook live, that first public speaking event, that first podcast you do may not be perfect – and that’s okay! You won’t master anything unless you try it, fail, learn, keep trying over and over again.

Your competition isn’t waiting for you to get your act together, they’re already out there doing it. They’re taking the first, second, third steps they need to and you have to do the same, or you will be left behind.

We have all suffered from “planning syndrome”, we all want things to be perfect before we show the world. But, if you allow this to take over and keep telling yourself that you’re not ready, you could lose out on big opportunities.

So, before the end of the week, take action. Whatever you’ve been waiting to do, commit this week to doing it and seeing the results. You can’t get any closer to your vision or your dreams if you stay gun shy.

Get out there!

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