Are You Standing in the Way of Scaling Your Business?

Are You Standing In the Way of Scaling Your Business? Featured Image

Are You Standing in the Way of Scaling Your Business?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners talk about scaling their business. When truth be told, what they are actually doing is growing their business.

So, what’s the difference?

When you grow your business, you alone are taking your business to the next level. You, single-handedly, are working in your business, every day, to increase sales, cut costs, get more leads – you name it.

Whereas, when you scale your business, you’re able to work on your business, instead of working in your business because you have a team of people doing the day to day work. You are able to do more of the strategy as your team takes over operations. This could include adding more locations or offering more services.

Simply put… if you could take three weeks off and your business still runs smoothly and is still bringing in money, then you have scaled your business.

I get asked all the time from my clients, “How do I scale my business?” And, here’s the easy answer…

Get out of the way.

I know this may sound harsh, but the biggest obstacle to scaling your business is often the entrepreneur or business owner.


Because as the owner, we are undoubtedly invested in the business, we are used to wearing all of the hats to get things done. And, more importantly, the idea of giving up control to allow our teams to work and to scale the business is a scary thought.

So, we don’t delegate…

Instead, we take on more than we should and inevitably prevent true business scaling from happening.

Many business owners may have teams, but they may feel like they can’t delegate or “trust” them with certain tasks.

If this describes your current situation, then it is time now to build a better team.

You should be able to work strategically on your business, with the peace of mind knowing your expert teams are scaling your business.

But, it all starts with having a plan. If you haven’t already crafted a plan of action, do that today. Without a plan, you can’t decide on a course of action, which means you also cannot commit to achieving it or execute at your peak performance.

This week, I challenge you to make a plan to scale your business and invest the time over the next few weeks to get the resources and tools in place to make it happen.

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