Can’t or Won’t?

Your Success Is Defined By Your Won’ts

Can’t or Won’t?

I often hear people comment that they “can’t” do something, when in reality what they are saying is that they “won’t” put in the effort to get the results they want. We as a society, have been conditioned to expect fast results with minimal work.

Take weight loss for example. The reason why the dieting pill segment is a billion dollar industry is not because the products work, but because they represent a “quick fix” to a problem. In business and in life, the quick solution may not, and almost always isn’t the right solution.

When the quick fix doesn’t work, people are ready to give up, without trying all other efforts. When you commit to a result, you must also commit to seeing it through to its entirety. If one solution does not work, adjust and find a new option.

If you’re stuck on the “I can’t”, I recommend you ask yourself these three questions.

1) What is it I really want? If giving up seems to be the most viable option, then I challenge you to consider what it is that you really want. When you wholeheartedly commit, giving up should not be an option. Perhaps you need to take time to drill deeper and find the exact result you want to achieve and commit to this path.

2) What am I willing to do to get the desired result? Your success will largely be proportionate to your efforts. If you have a lofty goal to achieve, you will need to put in the time, energy and personal investment to bring that end result to life. Committing to a goal means you need to be willing to withstand any obstacle in your way – without fail.

3)Who can help me achieve my end goal? Transforming your perspective from “me” to “we” can be an effective way of helping you overcome the “can’t” mindset. Whether you have an accountability team, a supportive business partner, or a family member you can turn to, the key is to find your tribe and leverage them to stay on track.

The power of success lays in how you view your progress. Are you going to let a “can’t” stand in your way, or are you going to use your challenges as momentum to tap into your peak performance? The ultimate decision is up to you – choose wisely!

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