Ditch Technology – Make a Personal Connection

Ditch Technology – Make a Personal Connection

Whether it’s sending an email, shooting off a quick text message or even interacting with a chatbot on a website, we’ve lost the human element of building connections. Because of technology, we are connected but still flying by each other.  When I study the companies that are the most successful, I find they all do one thing very well. They invest in building personal connections with their customers, with their employees, even with their vendors or the larger community.

Even down to how we greet each other is becoming more impersonal. For example, I often see people fist bump rather than shake hands. Now, I may be a bit old school, but I think there is immense value (and personal connection) gained from shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eyes with a smile.

Technology has definitely made interacting with one another faster, especially for companies that leverage chatbots. But, what you gain in convenience, you lose in building a connection. How frustrating is it to have to go through a robot for a simple question because you can’t get a live person on the phone?

So, I challenge you over the next week to invest even just 30 minutes of your time and make a personal connection with someone around you. It can be an employee, a customer, a vendor, even a stranger in the grocery store. Be intentional and find a way to make a connection.

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