Do You Have the “Billionaire” Trait?

Do You Have the “Billionaire” Trait

Do You Have the “Billionaire” Trait?

A very interesting article on what it took to become a billionaire and as I scrolled through the comments, I couldn’t help but be drawn to one.

The reader posted, “Will I become a billionaire, if I am determined to be one and I put in all of the necessary work required?”

Sounds like an inquisitive question, right?

I started to read the replies and was shocked to see that Justine Musk (Elon Musk’s wife) had responded. And, boy did her response blow the question out of the water!?!

She remarked that…

One of the things that separates billionaires from the rest of us is their ability to ask the right questions.

So, that got me thinking. What are the right questions and why don’t most entrepreneurs come up with them. After all, becoming a millionaire is relatively easy. But, not many rise to the ranks of a billionaire.

Here’s why…

You have to shift your focus away from what you want (the money) and instead throw your time and resources into finding what makes you unique. What does your business do that no one can copy? What do you have that sets you apart? What can you make that every person will want to buy?

Billionaires are forward-thinking in all that they do. They constantly study the world inside and out, looking for the gaps in everyday life that they can fill. The key to becoming a billionaire isn’t centered around hard work or even knowing the right people. Instead, you must have that one idea that will change the world.

Hard work and motivation are easy. Coming up with that groundbreaking idea – not so much. This week spend at least one hour just thinking. I find that when I do this even once or twice a week, I can come up with some great ideas that are hiding behind the mental clutter. Get into a routine of thinking and learning about the world – and you’ll be surprised what creative things you can come up with.

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