Don’t Be Afraid to Do Less

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Don’t Be Afraid to Do Less

We’ve grown accustomed to think that bigger is better and less is worse. But, in reality, when it comes to getting things done in your business, taking a step back and investing time to grow your business is what is important.

I had a client who owned a store and was quickly falling behind on accounting-related tasks, including invoicing, payroll, managing her expenses – you name it. She’d try to fit in as much as she could in her already packed workday. And, with a 50-minute commute one-way to the store, going in on extra days was infringing on her personal life.

So, I recommended that she just close the store on Mondays. It was her slowest day and sales were way down on that day anyway, so it made the most sense for her to capitalize on her time in the store and dedicate Mondays to catching up on all of the back office stuff she needed to get done.

Her biggest concern was that she would lose out on business. I mean, sure people would come on Mondays and be surprised that the store was closed, but they would adjust. There are millions of businesses that have unconventional hours and they are still able to make money – no problem.

This way she might even be able to boost sales by being open fewer days, as customers would come to the store over 3 days each week instead of 5.

My challenge to you this week is to pinpoint where in your business you are doing too much. Once you find those areas, I strongly recommend that you try pulling back. Not only will it help you to consolidate things and have a better handle on your business, but it can also put more money to your bottom line.

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