Draw the Line in the Sand

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Draw the Line in the Sand

As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on what worked this year and what didn’t. Perhaps you accomplished your goals, perhaps you didn’t quite see them all the way through. Either way, take the next few weeks to truly ask yourself, “what do I want next year?” I find that many times when we set goals, we do so without ever really considering what we want and where we want to be. Your goals should be perfectly aligned with your long-term vision for your life, and not just your business.

If you’re like most, there are things in your life that are holding you back. Things that you may have allowed to have too much of a stronghold on your success. Or, maybe it is a goal you continually make, but never fully commit to, to seeing it through. For me, that is my weight loss goals. I have wanted to lose weight for several years now, but every time I make that goal, I don’t end up fully committing to it. So, when months (or even years) pass and I have not lost the weight, I have to stop and reflect on why that is. And, when I do, I realize that I have not made it a non-negotiable goal in my life. I’ve allowed other things to take priority to shift my time and attention, that losing weight becomes lower and lower on my list.

So, I challenge you to think through your recurring goals. What are those goals that you keep pushing off? What goals do you need to make non-negotiable in your life?

Spend some time today and write down the things in your life that are no longer acceptable. And, stick to them! Figure out what has been holding you back and make a commitment to finally release those things that are standing in your way.

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