Drill Down to the Why

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Drill Down to the Why

When it comes to achieving your goals, many people fall short because they don’t have a compelling “why” to want to dedicate to reaching their goals. Every goal you create should have a “big why” that propels you to stay focused on getting the work done. For example, I often have a podcast goal of getting a new show recorded on Mondays. But, naturally, things get in the way, so by Wednesday, if I have not done it, my “why” grows exponentially as the I enter into a time crunch to get it done to get it into production in time.

WIth everything you are doing ask 5 whys. This means, ask yourself “why am I doing this?”, then follow that up with another why, until you can drill down to the exact reasons why you are doing something. If your tasks are not aligned with your goals and don’t help you stay on track to achieve your larger year goals then consider ditching it. You don’t have time or energy to waste on tasks that are not going to get you where you want and need to be.

My morning success ritual involves me reflecting on my mission and staying in tune with my yearly goals. I think about why I am doing what I have set out to accomplish and who is impacted by my work. When you are able to connect with why you are doing what you are doing, you can find your primary why.

This week, I challenge you to evaluate your goals and ask yourself why you are doing this and why it is important. Continue this exercise until you have clearly identified your driving force. Once you know this, you can keep this in mind to make sure you are able to perform at your highest ability, every time.

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