Fail Your Way to the Finish Line

Fail Your Way to the Finish Line

No one said owning a business would be easy. If it were really easy, we’d have lots more successful businesses. More than 75% of businesses fail within the first two years because when things get tough, people are quick to give up.

So, what should you do when your feet are to the fire?

You should celebrate! Yes, celebrate. Here’s why…

Your reward and results are going to be proportionate to the amount of work and investment you make. Easy things generate small rewards. But, when you have to push through the mud, navigate obstacle after obstacle, your upside potential for your reward will be great!

Keep in mind, when you start anything new, there are going to be tons of rough patches, as you work your way through this new territory. Think about when kids learn how to walk or read for the first time. They fail a lot, over and over again, but that’s a necessary part of the process. After each failure, they learn what to do better next time, until before long they’ve gone from barely taking a step to running with ease.

Your business is the same way. You will fail — all entrepreneurs do — but you will also learn from your mistakes and can come back stronger and better prepared to succeed. That is if you’re willing to not let your failures stop you.

I challenge you this week to take an inventory of all the places where you’ve given up. When you have this list, get committed to starting over and putting things into motion to turn those failures into wins.

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