Finish Strong – Every Time

Finish Strong

Finish Strong – Every Time

I’m always amazed at the life lessons I learn, when I least expect it. Last year, I hosted a live event here in Atlanta. I promoted it weeks in advance, thinking that in order to gain the traction I wanted, I had to put the event details out there well ahead of time. I know for me, especially when travel is involved, I have to plan months in advance. So, I assumed most other business owners were the same way.

As we got within a week of the event, I stopped promoting it. Sure people could find the event details with a quick visit to my website or social media pages. But, I wasn’t actively cranking out tons of materials to remind people.

And, then the strangest, most eye-opening thing happened.

I had several people register just a few days out from the event. In fact, I was amazed to see the number of people that were willing to fly into Atlanta, from all over the country, at the last minute. I even had someone register, travel into town and arrive at 1am in the morning the day of the event.

This showed me first hand, never to let up off the gas. If you’re going into something, go into it with 1,000 effort, from start to finish. I know with the finish line in sight, we start to let up and don’t have the same intense motivation as we did when we started. But, having this mindset could lead to you missing out on getting the benefits of that final push.

Where in your business have you let off the gas? Where can you rev up the momentum for the final 100 meters? You’ll never know how much more you can do if you don’t turn up the heat and keep going until the very end.

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