Get Sharply-Pointed Not Well-Rounded

Get Sharply-Pointed Not Well-Rounded

Did you know the best executives are not well-rounded?

Contrary to popular belief, the most successful business owners are sharply-pointed. They hone in on one specific area and get better in that area. This way they are able to become experts in particular fields, giving them an in-depth understanding that can help them outpace their competition. And, those areas that they don’t excel in, they simply find experts in those fields to help them.

Think of it this way, being well rounded is like a globe. They have the outline of the continents and bodies of water, but there isn’t much detail on them. Instead of getting the intricate mountain ridges and landmasses, you just get a very general overview. That’s what it’s like to be well-rounded, you know just enough of a bunch of topics, but you can’t get too detailed in any one area.

But, when you’re sharply pointed, that’s like zooming in using Google Maps. You’re able to see every detail with clarity. You may even start to notice things you didn’t see before. In this way, you’re able to hone in on one area and know it so well that you can easily spot new things, find ways to evolve, etc.

The truth is the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are those that are sharply-pointed, in a few areas. They may not know every operational area in their business, but the select areas they do know, they know very well with uncanny precision. In life, it is important to remember that as just one person, there is only so much that you individually can master. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? If you know a lot of things, you can’t possibly master them all. It just isn’t possible with the amount of information the human brain can hold. The more areas you want to learn, the less you can store. By trying to become an expert on lots of things, you naturally overwork and stress out your mind. Once you hit your mental capacity, there is no more room to take anything else in. And, in fact, you may start to forget other areas as you try to cram more into your knowledge base.

I encourage you to start focusing in on those areas that you excel in and invest your time and energy into diving deeper in these topics. By doing this, you’ll be able to drill down and broaden your understanding that can help you be more productive in other areas of your life. 

This week, start looking to see how you can simplify your efforts and re-channel your energy to the areas that keep you the most fulfilled. It is by becoming sharply-pointed that you will be able to tap into your peak performance.

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