Get Your Standards Straight

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Get Your Standards Straight

When it is time to make a decision, what do you do?

Do you have a set of internal standards or criteria that you run through? Or, do you simply go with your gut and “wing it”.

In business, having a standardized system is everything. It helps you ensure that the decisions you make are both sound and designed to move you closer to your goals. Without a clear set of standards, you won’t be able to accurately assess what decisions may be good, bad, or neutral.

I challenge you to reflect on how you make decisions this week. And, consider how you determine when and how to move forward with a course of action.

When you find that set of standards, write it down.

Whatever you come up with, remember it is unique to you and your goals. There are many paths to success, but the key is to know which one you’re on and stay focused.

You’ll need to have an inner dialogue with yourself and truly think about what you want to accomplish and if that decision (whatever it is) will move you closer or farther away from your goal.

With a standard set of criteria in place, you’ll quickly be able to assess any new decision and have the peace of mind knowing that decisions you make will all work in synergy to get the results you expect.

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