Giving Up Is Not an Option

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Giving Up Is Not an Option

In life and in business, your follow-through is everything. How you handle setbacks and the urge to want to quit can often define your future trajectory. Now, to be clear, in some cases, you may need to give up and pivot to find a more lucrative or productive course of action. However, in most cases, throwing in the towel, without truly committing yourself to seeing your goal through can set you back more than it can help.

It is okay to be frustrated, tired, or even feel like you can’t finish, but I challenge you to keep pushing. I recently had a major injury that derailed my triathlon training. I could have pulled out of the race, after all, I could barely train, so the thought of doing a full triathlon was extremely overwhelming to me. And, to be honest, I started to doubt my ability to do the race. I knew I had trained for months to do it, but the last 4 weeks leading up to the race, I had to pull back so much that I felt like I had lost all of my momentum.

I could have given up, but instead, I redefined my goals. Instead, of forcing myself to get a certain time, my goal became just to finish. I didn’t care if I had to crawl, cry, vomit, or even walk through the race, I was committed to seeing it through – no matter what.

So, I challenge you to keep at the course. Even when times get rough (and they will), stay focused on the end goal and give yourself the flexibility to struggle. It is okay to take a step back, if needed, especially if it will give you the momentum later to finish and finish strong.

Identify at least one task or area in your life that you need to finish and get to it! Stay the course and resist the urge to give up!

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