If You Don’t Delegate You’re Missing Out

If You Don’t Delegate You’re Missing Out

Here’s a harsh reality…

98% of business owners do not delegate as they should. And, inevitably there are areas in their business that are stalling because they have not used their teams’ skills and abilities to the max.

Now, not everything can be delegated. But, I would venture to say that there is at least a handful of things you do every day that can easily be done by someone else in your business. To determine what to delegate, you need to ask yourself, what are things that only you can do? What are tasks or projects that you can have others complete and do so better than you can?

All too often people confuse delegation with losing control. Delegation is not about doing a task and stepping aside. Instead, delegation is the act of empowering someone to act for another. In other words, when you delegate you are enabling others to help you get the work done. They are acting for you, and you are still accountable for the task as well as for the outcome. The person you delegate to will do the work for you. In this sense, you are able to focus your time and attention to the areas that are your strongest and those that can propel your business forward.

Think of it this way… even if you delegate, having someone get you 90% of the way to completion on a task, saves you tons of time to use on other core areas in your business.

Are you ready to get more done, in less time?

Here are the nine steps to delegating.

  1. Get clear on what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Find the right person that has the time, skills, abilities to get the job done.
  3. Completely define and convey your desired outcome in writing.
  4. Define constraints and any parameters they must follow.
  5. Define the resources available and make sure they are accessible.
  6. Have them repeat the task and details back to you to ensure complete understanding.
  7. Mutually agree on a timeline and specific milestones.
  8. Measure progress with regular check-ins.
  9. Hold them responsible for the results both positive and negative.

This week, figure out a project or task that you have been delaying on and find how you can delegate it. Follow these nine steps and see how easy it can be to get more done by leveraging the power of delegation.

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