It’s Not About Trying Harder – You Have to Innovate

It’s Not About Trying Harder – You Have to Innovate - Featured Image

It’s Not About Trying Harder – You Have to Innovate

In business, having to overcome obstacles is just an inevitable part of the process. But, how you tackle obstacles will be key in determining if you will be able to persevere and be successful. When you come across a challenge, if you’re like most, you may try pushing through or investing more resources. However, I challenge you to instead try one of these three tactics to solve the problem quickly and get you well on your way to success that much faster.

1) Study why it isn’t working. All too often, we think we’re not trying hard enough, when in reality, what we are doing may be flawed. Take time to delve deeper into your strategy. Are you not executing it correctly? Do you need more information to make the strategy work? Is it even the right strategy for the problem? Taking the time now to evaluate your efforts can help you better determine the best route to overcome the obstacle.

2) Leverage a team effort. As a business owner or entrepreneur, we are used to doing everything alone. For us, asking for help is sometimes viewed as a sign of weakness, when it should not be. If you have been trying to solve the problem without asking for help from your team, then now is the time to reach out. Having more hands on deck can instantly give you more perspectives that can help in getting to a solution faster.

3) Look for relevant expertise. The great news about business is that there are few problems or obstacles you will encounter that other business owners have not already tackled. If you find a problem that cannot be easily resolved, reach out to those around you who have been in similar positions. Pick their brain, ask them for advice, maybe even solicit their help to overcome the obstacle. The key is to get to the solution, as quickly as possible, so you can keep your business on a positive trajectory for growth and profitability.

So, for this week, identify what problems or obstacles you are currently facing. Try any one of the three strategies above and see if you are able to get to a resolution by the end of the week.

Keep in mind, your business success is not hinged on what you know but instead, how you execute.

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