It’s Time to Focus On Your Growth

"It’s Time to Focus On Your Growth" Featured Image

It’s Time to Focus On Your Growth

When it comes to your personal and professional development, are you focusing on bettering yourself and staying challenged? All too often in life and in business, we let our responsibilities and schedules crowd out taking time to reflect on how we can be better, in all aspects. But, without taking this much-needed time, you run the risk of actually getting worse at what you are doing and being outpaced by the competition.

Here are the top three strategies you can use to make sure you are elevating your performance and productivity every day.

1) Start using block time. If you’re like most business owners, you’re likely spending hours at a time sitting and working. The human body is not designed to work vigorously for extended periods of time. Eventually, you will reach your limit and the more you work the less productive you will become. That is why block time can be a proven way to get more done and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I often work for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. For the break it could be walking outside, taking a stretch or simply listening to a song that motivates me. The key is to take that time to reset so you can go hard for the next 50-minute block.

2) Make a success routine. Every morning I have my Early Morning Success Ritual (EMSR). It is an audio recording of the songs that get me focused and me saying what my goals are for the day. This has worked to set the tone for the day and gets me up and thinking about what I need to get done. Perhaps there is an inspirational passage you like to read, or spending 30 minutes every morning meditation or exercising is what you need to get ready for the day. Whether it is, find your success ritual and do it every morning.

3)Proactively plan your week. Peak performers plan as much as possible. Sure there will be unexpected things that come up throughout the day or week, but the more you can anticipate and be ready for the better you will execute. Every Sunday, I spend an hour thinking about my upcoming week and outlining important tasks and goals I want to focus on. If you don’t already do this, I strongly encourage you to get in the habit of planning your week before the week starts. The more clarity and direction you can give yourself the more successful and productive you will be.

Remember, your growth is important. So, never stop working on yourself! Peak performers are eager to grow and take the time to invest just as much in themselves as they do in their business.

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