It’s Time to Shake it Up

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It’s Time to Shake it Up

When it comes to growing your business, stepping out of the box is often mission critical to your business success. I recently had a client reach out to me because their sales were dropping, despite them sending out 100+ emails a day.

Naturally, they went to “Plan B” – sending out even more emails. But, what they didn’t realize was that the problem was not with the number of emails, or even how often they were sent. Emails just weren’t working to boost sales.

Are you faced with a similar situation? Where something that may have usually worked to attract new clients or close more sales, just isn’t working anymore?

Rather than investing your time and energy into trying to “fix” the problem, I say completely pivot and do something different.

For my client, who was in the catering business, I recommended that he showcase what he does best and cook! We made a list of catering halls in the area, and one by one, he made cookies for them and visited them to introduce himself. Before long, he was able to forge strategic partnerships with over a dozen catering halls and when people booked the hall for events, his name was on the preferred and approved caterers list.

Not only did this bring in a consistent stream of new clients for him, but he was more willing to try other “unconventional” marketing tactics and grow his business faster than he ever thought was possible.

What areas in your business do you need an “outside-of-the-box” approach? What marketing strategies just aren’t working to achieve your business goals?

This week try to find at least one innovative thing you can do to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. And, if you struggle with doing this or could benefit from having an accountability partner to keep you moving forward, contact me today for a complimentary brainstorming session.

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