Let the Why’s Lead the Way

Let the Why’s Lead the Way Featured Image

Let the Why’s Lead the Way

How big is your why?

Do you have a why?

Why do you have a why?

These are single-handedly some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself. The “why” is what keeps you grounded and focused on moving forward. I strongly suggest having multiple “why’s” that are connected to create a seemingly impenetrable drive for you to achieve your goals.

When the going gets tough (or near impossible), it is your why(s) that give you the endurance and perseverance you need to see your goal through – no matter what. For me, I ran my second triathlon in 34 days. My first marathon was riddled with challenges that I could not have foreseen and my intent to complete a full Ironman was derailed due to unsafe swimming conditions. But, with my second triathlon, this was my last chance to meet my goal. Yet, the more I went through the race, the more I had blisters that made almost every step unbearable. The doubt started to creep in and I found myself having to fight the urge to stop. But I forced myself to think about my many why’s for doing this race. My kids were depending on me to do this. My coach had gone out of her way to see me do the race. I told myself that I wanted to complete a full Ironman this year. I had already told everyone on social media that I was going to complete the race. I already put in the work of training for 10 months. All of these why’s made it easier for me not to give up. I knew I was going to be in pain regardless of if I stopped without finishing, or if I finished. So, I might as well push through to make the pain worthwhile.

For you, what areas of your business do you feel like you are struggling or procrastinating more than you should? Examine those areas now and create multiple why’s to get you back on track. Perhaps your employees are depending on you, your family needs you to succeed, or you may want to prove to yourself that you can grow your business. Whatever the why’s are, find them and write them down. And, anytime you feel like giving up or not following through, revisit these why’s and get your head in the game.

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