Make Giving a Priority

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Make Giving a Priority

If you were to ask any entrepreneur what the overall goal of a business is, then you’ll likely hear something along the lines of “selling or providing a service to others.” While this is true, I often find that as business owners we tend to focus on what we can “get” from our customers, rather than what we can “give” to them.

For example, when you offer a new service or make a business pitch, you’re trying to sell your customers on why they should give you their money or their business. With so much emphasis placed on how you can get more and more, we inevitably lose sight that business is all about providing value to our customers – or giving them a solution to a problem.

That’s why several times a year, I make a conscious effort to give back. Whether that is in the form of mentoring startups to grow, or attending workshops all over the country to share my business insights, or even maintaining my podcasts to share information with the business world – I make giving back a priority in all that I do.

Of course, I could charge for my podcast, or only attend conferences if I am a paid speaker, but that would be focusing on “getting”, instead of “giving”.

When we are able to give we not only increase the value we can give to the other person, but we are able to directly impact their lives in meaningful ways. This is not to say that by selling your product or service that you can’t do the same thing, but the impact is different, when you give and give freely. Not to mention the energy you get that keeps you motivated to do what you do best, when you see that you can have an impact on someone’s business, life, or relationships.

My challenge for you this week is to figure out at least one way you can give back to those around you. Maybe it is by hosting a class, or speaking at a local workshop, or even volunteering your services for a good cause. The key is to make an effort to give back – without expecting anything back in return.

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