Make Time to Give Thanks

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Make Time to Give Thanks

Every January, I have a special ritual that I do to take time out to reflect on the previous year and, more importantly, to give thanks to my clients. I go through the clients that I have worked with up until that point and I truly take time to jot down a few items that I am thankful for as it relates to each client.

I go a step further and share that with my client by making a short, personal video, telling them “thank you”. I appreciate my clients because they are the lifeline of my business. Sure, I could send them an email or a text message, but for me, it is important that they see me and see my emotions when I am telling them my sincerest thanks.

For my clients that have referred me to others, I take extra time to outline what their referrals have meant for me personally and for my business. I may get them a gift to show my appreciation, but the point is, to tell your customers that you are grateful for their business and for trusting you with their time.

So this week, take at least an hour out and follow-up with your clients and let them know what they mean to you. I encourage you to do this at least once a year, not as a way to get more business, it should be heartfelt and genuine.

Doing this small (but meaningful) gesture can help you establish and grow your professional relationships. In business, we are never guaranteed that we will be in business next week, next month, or even next year. Be sure to stay humble and quick to thank and less to ask.

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