Making Your Business Fit Your Life

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Making Your Business Fit Your Life

When you started your business, did you consider how your business would fit into your life, or how your life would fit into your business?

As an entrepreneur, you hear about (if not have already lived through) the 12, 14, even long 16 hour work days to juggle everything. This is what happens when you have designed your life to fit into your business. I met with a client of mine who felt stuck.

She was afraid to give up control to her team, but she also recognized that how she was running her business was not working. Her fears were validated again and again when she took time off or shifted her focus away from the day to day operations, inevitably her business growth stalled, if not decreased. So, she did what we all have done, she equated more time in the office as more productivity for her business.

But, this is not a successful recipe if you want to grow your business. You have to design your business to fit into your life. You have to find ways to spend more time doing the things you enjoy doing. For her, that meant being out and talking to her clients, visiting them on a consistent basis, being able to network outside of the office. Not only did this give her more fulfillment, it helped keep her ahead of any client issues and actually worked to alleviate her stress. She was doing what she wanted to do and her business started running more efficiently.

For her to make that transition from her life fitting into her business, to her business fitting into her life, she had to identify the things she loved doing the most. And, then work to incorporate as many of those aspects into her daily schedule.

So, what is it that brings you the most joy? Perhaps it is being able to interact with others, maybe brainstorming and coming up with new ideas is your forte? Or, being able to read and research is something that inspires you? Whatever it is, find your passion and be sure to do it at least once a day. The more you can integrate what you like to do into your business, the more productive you will naturally be.

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