Peak Performers Model Success

Peak Performers Model Success

In my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that there are invaluable lessons we all can learn from os the world’s most successful people. Throughout the years, I’ve studied Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and discovered these 6 key takeaways that can be applied to your business. I know I’ve applied them to my own too.

  1. Have an uninhibited imagination. Some may argue that Steve Jobs is more imaginative than Bill Gates. But, either way, these two greats had a vision for products that had never existed before. They weren’t improving on an existing concept, they were making their own. It wasn’t enough for them to create something that the average customer wanted, instead, they built what the customer had no idea that they wanted or even needed at the time. They were not afraid to dream and dream big.
  2. They were fearless. They weren’t concerned about pleasing the status quo. Instead, they were always looking to push the limits. When critics and society told them they couldn’t do it, they defied all odds. Just as much as they were innovative in their pursuits, they were fearless in their commitment to creating the best product they could.
  3. They had a single focus. They were not a jack of all trades. Instead, they stuck to what they knew and what they did best. By being able to hone their focus and talents, they were able to produce some of the world’s most innovative products. All too often, entrepreneurs set out to make as many things as possible and they fall into a big trap. With your attention divided among 5 or more things, you inevitably miss out on perfecting anything.  
  4. They challenged everyone. You’ll hardly ever hear that these two were the best supervisors or the most compassionate for that matter. And, that’s ok. Because they expected a lot out of themselves and those around them. They pushed people to the limit to challenge what was possible and through this process, I’m sure they made their fair share of enemies along the way. The bottomline is they knew what they wanted to create and they stuck to that vision.
  5. They were strong leaders. Not only did they know what they wanted to create, but they were not afraid to lead their teams. They held everyone, including themselves accountable and were 100% results-minded. There was no question of who is in charge and they made sure to invest in their employees as much as they demanded them to perform at their best.
  6. They welcomed mistakes. In the technology realm, you have to be willing to fail and lose money, in order to strike it rich. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs knew that what they were creating was something that had never been done before. And, with that comes a big dose of uncertainty. They’d fail many times but they’d learn invaluable lessons along the way that helped them have blockbuster success. Many times they created products that would cannibalize their own sales. But, that was the point – innovation at all costs, even if it meant making your best selling products obsolete.

What traits do you have? Which do you want to acquire? I’d recommend at least once a year to study a great leader. Truly immerse yourself into their world. Consider their ways of thinking and what propelled them to success. Find those nuggets of wisdom you can impart in your own life and see what results you can have!

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