Play Hard, Keep Score

Play Hard, Keep Score

I always remind my clients that in business it is not about how much you know but rather how (and if) you can execute. You can have a great detailed plan, but if you’re not putting the rubber to the road and making things happen, then your plan is worthless. Most entrepreneurs fall short in this regard because they have no way to hold themselves accountable. They have a plan, but they lack the support structure to see it through and with no way of tracking their progress, before long their progress stalls (or stops completely).

Think of it this way…

If professional sports no longer kept score or any other individual or team statistics, would you still watch the games? Would you still have a favorite team or player? Would you still buy tickets to go to the games live?

Probably not. Because the value in sports is in knowing who is winning and who is losing. So, without a consistent and accurate way to measure the team’s progress, competitive sports would no longer exist. The same is true for business. If you are not tracking what you are doing and how well you are doing, you will run into problems, or risk not being as productive as you can be.

When you begin tracking and analyzing your performance in relation to your goals, it forces you to be held accountable and to hold others to a higher standard. If your sales team is expected to reach $35,000 in new sales this month, but they’ve only achieved $22,000 in sales, then you know something is not working and it is time to adjust operations.

Setting milestones and clear expectations for yourself and your teams ensures that you are focused on producing results. And, by putting systems in place to track performance, you’re immediately able to identify where you are falling short and where you are excelling. 

This week, I challenge you to find a tracking protocol that works for you and stick to it. Use this tracking system to pinpoint what areas you need to focus more on and what areas you may already be doing a great job in. The key is using your tracking system to help you learn, evolve, and, most importantly, execute at the highest level every time.

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