Reach Out to Your Clients

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Reach Out to Your Clients

I get this question often, “How often should a CEO reach out to clients?” And, my answer is simple, “All the time!”

But, buyer beware…

It is important, as the leader of your company to be visible to your clients, but it is also important to make sure you are not undermining your team. The last thing you want is for your clients to keep demanding to speak with you and work only with you. Your sales and customer support teams have a valuable role to play and are more than capable of handling your customers’ requests. But, it is also nice for you to start to create that connection with your clients, especially those that have been loyal and returning clients.

When you reach out, be sure that you make it very clear that your team is competent and should be the go-to for their communications and requests. I often have clients that want to work with me directly because they believe that I’ll give them better discounts. However, when I explain that my sales team is often more “flexible” with giving better prices, I usually don’t have to worry about clients trying to circumvent my team and speak with me.

It is important to have executives reach out to clients, even if it is once in a while to show that they are valued and appreciated. You want to build a connection with your clients and nurture that relationship by taking the time to reach out to your clients. Why? Because simply put… they’re paying your bills. Just as much time as you may spend finding prospects and giving time and attention to prospective clients, you want to do the same for your existing clients too.

So, this week, make a point to send an email to your recurring clients and just take this opportunity to check in with them and, more importantly, to thank them for their continued support. A small gesture like this, can go a long way in building customer satisfaction.

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