Setbacks Are the Secret to Success

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Setbacks Are the Secret to Success

The harsh reality of life is… setbacks will come – no matter what you do.

When you think about the opposite of success, most people will often say “failure”. But, the truth is, failure is not the opposite of success, instead stagnation is. If you’re not making progress, or moving forward, you will be stagnant. And, while you won’t have many setbacks, if at all, stagnation does not breed success, by any means.

Understanding that failure is a natural part of life and a big part of business ownership can help you reshape your mindset. I often tell my clients that if they are not failing, then they are not trying hard enough. Failure will come (and sometimes often) when you force yourself to step outside of the box. How you deal with these setbacks will define your forward momentum. The key is to plan for them as much as possible, but also be prepared that many obstacles may occur that you could not have anticipated. Life, as in business, is all a learning experience and the more adaptable you’re able to remain, the faster you’ll be able to bounce back from any setback that comes your way.

It is equally important to stop defining yourself by what happens. For example, if your new product launch didn’t increase sales, but in fact cost your company money, don’t label yourself as a failure. Instead, see this one opportunity as not working out and learn what you can and move on. When you start to let your setbacks define you and your level of success, you will have a hard time pushing through other areas of adversity. Stay focused on your goals and be ready to pivot when you need to.

As you go through this week, remind yourself that “failure is part of the success formula”. And, commit to being successful – by any means necessary.

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