Stop Blending in with Your Competition

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Stop Blending in with Your Competition

Consider this question…

In a crowded marketplace with thousands of other businesses, can you really stand out and make a decent profit?

If you know how to consistently stand out, then the answer is: yes! When your customers have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of options to choose from in your industry or in your local area, finding a way to be different will be the only way for your business to thrive. Otherwise, if you can’t offer customers a compelling reason to choose you over your competition you’ll likely lose out on getting business.

Take my recent Uber experience as a poignant example of why standing out is your ticket to growing a profitable business that has an unshakable advantage.

I was in Atlanta at a conference and needed to go to another meeting less than a mile away. Sure, I could have walked, but it was cold and I was in dress shoes, so I opted for an Uber. The driver had a hard time finding me and when I called him, he said he was waiting around the corner and had a sign with my name on it. And, he did. When I walked around the corner, there he was with an illuminated sign with my name on it.

Now, he already made an impressive statement with the sign, but in the back of his car, he had phone chargers, soda, snacks, even tissues – all for his passengers to use. But, that’s not it. He had a disco ball and even played karaoke during the 5-minute drive.

See, he took what is routine (an Uber drive less than a mile) and turned it into a memorable and fun experience. Not only did I tip him – the first time I ever have done this for an Uber driver – but, if I had a way to request him and only him when I am in Atlanta, I’d do that in a heartbeat.

For that Uber driver, he has hundreds of competition, every day. He could have chosen to be like every other driver and go through the motions. Instead, he made a conscious decision to stand out and give his passengers a real reason to tip him and leave him a 5-star review.

So, I challenge you this week to reflect on where in your business are you blending in with your competition. Pinpoint at least one area that you can revamp to offer a more enhanced customer experience.

Look at your services and products from the customer’s’ perspective and peel back the layers to see what you can do better to create a memorable and irresistible business offering.

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