Stop Dabbling – Go All In!

Stop Dabbling – Go All In!

Even with half of the year in the books, you can still rewrite where you end up before the end of the year.

I always tell my clients that your secret to success is all in how you build and keep your momentum going. 

Think of it this way…

When you launch a rocket, most of the effort (and fuel) goes into getting it off the launchpad. But, once the rocket is in the air, it takes minimal energy to keep it going. Your business is very similar. When you’re starting from a complete stop, you have to put tons of effort and resources into getting that part of your business moving and producing again. However, if you’re able to keep the momentum going, and make even small progress, you’re better positioned to make pivots and generate results.

I like to say that doing something 5 days in a row is harder than doing it 7 days in a row. Why? Because at 5 days, you’re still stopping and restarting. Once your mind gets in the habit, you’re shutting it down to rest. Instead, when you fully commit on doing something 7 days a week, your mind is used to the momentum and it becomes much easier to maintain.

A few years ago, I asked a competitive tennis coach what it took to separate the good tennis players from the great ones and his answer was simple: they practice every day. In other words, they don’t let themselves stop or ever lose momentum. They’re able to train their minds and their bodies to fully commit and see their performance through – no matter what.

The truth is…

Most people are just “interested” in things. Being “interested” is nice but it won’t generate peak performance type of results. The key is, if you want something, you must go in 100% and be fully committed. 

So, this week I challenge you to reflect on these questions:

Where are you dabbling and not committed? 

Where in your business have you lost momentum?

Where are you going to put your time, your money, your energy, your resources?

Remember, if you’re not all in you won’t get the results you want!

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