The Dangers of Rejecting New Ideas

The Dangers of Rejecting New Ideas - featured image

The Dangers of Rejecting New Ideas

How often in your business do you find yourself or your employees saying, “We don’t do it that way?”

Now, don’t get me wrong, having systems and procedures in place – that should be followed – is always a great way to increase efficiency. But, if your business structure or your mindset is too rigid to consider a new way of doing things, then this is a problem.

In business, as in life, things change. New tools are created nearly every day. Your customers’ preferences will evolve over time. So, if you are not running your business with a focus on innovation and trying new things, then you will be left behind – guaranteed.

If you feel like you are in or flirting with falling into a closed mindset, I challenge you to do these three things every week.

  1. Read about new businesses. Even if it is not in your industry, learning about what other businesses are doing can help you stay open to exploring what is possible. You may come across a revenue-boosting tool, a new way of serving your customers, or even new business opportunities, but you must prime yourself to receive them.

  2. Ask your team for suggestions. When is the last time you reviewed your procedures? When is the last time you have updated them? I encourage my teams to do a deep audit of our systems at least once every 6 months to see how we can improve them. Having this critical (yet constructive) mindset allows us to always be thinking of ways to do things more efficiently and always better to serve our clients.

  3. Try at least one new thing every year. Whether you test out a new business tool, adjust how you onboard clients, or even update how you assign tasks to your teams these all can be great ways to mix things up. You will be surprised how committing yourself to try at least one new approach each year can grow your business and change your perspective.

If you are dedicated to growing your business and performing at your peak, then embracing new ideas is a must to avoid falling into restrictive thought patterns and actions.

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