The Entrepreneur’s Go-To Morning Routine

The Entrepreneur’s Go-To Morning Routine

We are all different, but starting the day off right is a must to be able to generate the success you want every day. Some people say that the first 30 minutes of your day sets the stage for what you’ll achieve the rest of the day.

That’s why I’ve established what I call my Early Morning Success Rituals or EMSR.

As soon as I get up, I go straight to what I call my “stressor file”. These are things that are on my list to get done. They may or may not be the most important things I need to do, but they are usually my low-hanging fruit. So from 5-9am, I’ve been able to knock out a lot of things and generate amazing momentum, so when I have my first client meeting at 9am, I’m on fire.

Now, I know this is contrary to popular belief to start the day off with meditation or exercise. For me, I went against the grain and by being able to get up and use my most productive time in the morning to get going, then I have the energy and confidence to enjoy my workouts and dinner later in the evening.

And, if at any point this routine stops working for me, then I’ll adjust as needed. Keep in mind that as you evolve in your life, your morning routine may need to change too. 

Don’t be afraid to tweak your morning routine until you find something that works best for you to keep you motivated.

For years I started my day at 5am with an intense workout with my trainer. I’d leave the gym feeling pumped, but by mid-morning, I started to mentally crash. So, I changed it up and started meditating in the morning. Though I was much more relaxed, the problem was, I was almost too relaxed to get amped for work. 

So, my best advice for you is…

Keep moving, don’t get stuck in a routine that’s not working for you. Find a way to generate momentum and tweak as you go.

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