The Secret to Forming New Habits

The Secret to Forming New Habits

The Secret to Forming New Habits

Humans are the best habit formers on the planet. We form habits easily. The catch is, they’re often not the right habits.

Habits start with taking an action. The key is you want to replace a habit with a new one that has the same outcome.

For example, if you smoke cigarettes or overeat because it relaxes you, then replacing it with yoga or something better for your health, then you are still able to achieve the same result.

But the first step to new habits is taking a new action. Whether it is going to the gym, reading a book, making time to write a blog. Whatever the new habit is you want to form, you have to first commit to doing it at least once.

When you make that commitment and do the action over and over again, then you are able to form new routines. And, new routines lead to new habits. Understanding why you are doing the new habit also helps to keep you motivated. Hold yourself accountable, get others to hold you accountable, even announce it on social media.

For me, staying in shape is very important. I schedule a photo shoot every 3 months. So, if I slack off and start forming bad health habits, it will be a pretty embarrassing photo shoot, when the time comes. I don’t want that feeling of shame stepping in front of the camera, so it keeps me focused on eating healthy and not missing a workout.

As you go through this week, think about the new habits you want to form and why. Commit to taking at least one action toward forming that new habit – and find someone who can hold you accountable.

Remember, even small steps toward your goal are forward progress.

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