The Secret to Mastering Your Game

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The Secret to Mastering Your Game

When you study the world’s greatest athletes you quickly see a common trend emerge: practice. I once asked a professional tennis coach what truly separated the good players from the best. And his answer was simple, “the best players practice at least 6 days a week.”

In the sports context that makes sense, right? To be the best in your sport, you need to live, sleep, and breathe every aspect of your craft. You need to invest time in perfecting your skills so you can impeccably execute when it is game time.

If an athlete were to only practice once or twice a week, they’d spend a lot of time relearning the skills and strategies they were taught the week before. In other words, without consistent repetition, you spend valuable time trying to overcome the learning curve. Whereas, practicing every day allows you to master skills much faster and then leaves you time to invent new skills and begin finding other ways that you can apply your skills in action.

But, here’s the catch…

It makes sense on the court or on the field, but why don’t business owners use this same practice principle to transform how they run their business?

If you could invest time prospecting every day, or time crafting marketing emails, imagine how much better you would get at it – almost instantly. But, if you’re like most business owners, you may dedicate one day per week, or only a few hours every few weeks to do important tasks that you need to master to be successful.

Because when you do a task more often, you decrease the lag time and instead of having to relearn tasks, you’re now able to see more connections and make improvements.

So, ask yourself…

What tasks do your teams need to master?

When you identify these tasks, make it a priority to do them at least 4 days each week. You may want to start small and scale up the time you spend each week, but the key is to get more practice in now, so you can elevate how you execute to see immediate business results.

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