The Winning Traits for Your Next Hire

The Winning Traits for Your Next Hire Featured Image

The Winning Traits for Your Next Hire

When it comes to hiring the right people, I hire for certain character traits as opposed to education. I’ve found over the decades that fit is everything for your business. You have to go into the hiring process knowing what you are looking for and don’t compromise for these ideals. If you know you need someone who is detail-oriented then make this your non-negotiable. And, if a candidate is not detail-oriented, then don’t hire them. The last thing you want to do is “bend” during the hiring process and get stuck with people that don’t have everything you need them to have to be successful.

When I am interviewing or considering an applicant, I always look for those that are proactive. Being a business owner is hectic enough, you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to micromanage people. If I give my team a task, I expect for them to get it done, without me having to be there holding their hands. I also look for confidence in team members. To thrive in our fast-paced environment, you have to believe that you can get the work done and be committed to finding solutions when you run into challenges.

I don’t always look for certain skills if they are teachable. I am big on developing my team members, so as long as you have a solid foundation, I am always open to providing training and coaching – as long as they are coachable. In the past year or so, I’ve spotted an interesting trend. Often when an applicant has a work history that starts before they graduated from college, they are often more proactive, creative problem-solvers, and do very well in our business.

Here are additional criteria I use to quickly screen applicants:

Urgency – do they get things done when they are supposed to?

The Right Thing – do they strive to do things right the first time?

Problem-Solver – are they able to creatively work through challenges?

Communication – can they give updates and collaborate well with others?

Do Your Best All the Time – is their work high-quality every time?

Accountable – do they take responsibility for their work?

Respect – do they have respect for others, our business, and themselves?

I also highly recommend giving applicants a trial task or even hiring them on a trial basis. This enables you to see how they work and how you work with them, before committing to a longer-term arrangement. This week, make a list of your non-negotiables that you need for a new hire to be successful on day one.

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