Top Three Principles to Live By for Success

Top Three Principles To Live By For Success

Top Three Principles to Live By for Success

If you want to challenge yourself, go train with Navy Seal commanders. That is exactly what I did when I flew to California and spent three of the most grueling days of my life. I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and see what I could truly achieve when I was willing to be uncomfortable, be tested, and, more importantly, be pushed to my physical limit.

Despite, on several occasions, believing I couldn’t do it. I was surprised to see just how much I was able to achieve when I buckled down and just focused on getting the job done. During that experience, I came away with three core principles that I have used to shape how I approach my business and my relationships.

1) Build momentum all the time. When we were in the midst of some of the most strenuous exercises, we could get it done as long as we did not stop. To stop and lose the momentum made getting started again almost impossible. This is true in our lives as well. We build momentum by having the right people around us. Are the five closest people to you uplifting, encouraging, or challenging you to think outside the box, to think bigger, to achieve more? If the answer is no, then it is time to find those momentum generators in your life that can help you keep going and building even more than what you thought was possible.

2) Take on a team mentality. At the Navy Seal training, we did an exercise where we had to carry backpacks and bags of sands up a mountain. If everyone pulled their own weight, we couldn’t complete the task. Instead, at any given time, someone had to pull more than their weight to help the whole team get to the next level. Do you have a team of people around you that can carry their weight and are willing to take on more to benefit the team? This goes back to having the right people in your life and in your business. There is only so much you can do as one person, but with a team of dedicated, motivated and success-driven people, anything is possible.

3) Let the baggage go. At the end of the climbing exercise, we cut the sandbags open and let the sand out. Had we not had to lug these 25+ pound bags with us the whole exercise would have been a breeze. These bags were a metaphor of just how heavy some of the baggage we carry around with us is, that we have to work three times as hard when we shouldn’t have to. I challenge you to consider what in your life is holding you back. What obstacles, habits, or people may be making your progress harder to achieve? Once you are able to pinpoint the baggage in your life, let it go and let it go fast. Trust me, when you do, your business and relationships will become a lot easier. It’s time to kick that extra baggage to the curb if you’re truly ready to soar to new heights.

Throughout the next few weeks, take time every few days and reflect on these principles. Getting the right people on your team and focusing on letting go of the things holding you back can be the first step to helping you achieve your peak performance.

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