Tune Out the Noise

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Tune Out the Noise

Focus, in business, is your secret weapon. With it, you can hone in on anything and reach any goal you are committed to. Without it, your business can be paralyzed or moving in opposing directions that stop your forward progress.

The choice is yours…

Choose clarity and or choose confusion.

I once did target shooting with a sharpshooter. He started us off by shooting large targets, and slowly throughout the day, he made the targets smaller and smaller.

As we were forced to adjust our eyesight to smaller areas, we were actually able to shoot accurately, no matter the target size. In fact, as the final exercise, we shot an aspirin out of the air.

The point is, when you take the time to eliminate the noise and simplify your thoughts to get clarity – you can achieve anything. The key is to take the time to get the clarity that you need to succeed.

For the next few weeks, I invite you to do these 3 steps at least three times a week and see how it shapes your ability to focus and perform.

1) Tune out the noise. This means getting into a quiet place with no distractions. And, yes, this includes turning off your electronic devices. Simply get into this place and think about your goals, what plan you can use to follow them, even what obstacles you need to address. Without this dedicated time, it will be hard to gain the clarity and simplicity you need to perform.

2) Write down your vision and outcome. Taking time to reflect can be more impactful if you document your thoughts and ideas. Whether you do it in the moment, or at the end of the day, or throughout the week, be sure to capture as much as possible. This also helps you to stay accountable and aware of the outstanding goals you have left to accomplish.

3) Connect with your progress. This should be done on a daily basis. Reflect on your ideas and goals and ask yourself if you are working toward them and making the right decisions to put yourself on a path toward success. To make this work, you need to simplify your thinking and hone in on a few goals or tasks, instead of trying to focus on ten different tasks at once.

Always remember… clarity is simplicity and simplicity is clarity.

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