Watch the Company You Keep

Watch The Company You Keep

Watch the Company You Keep

We all know that life is short, that how we live will define our level of success. But, what we all often take for granted is the company we keep. Your five closest friends are not only important on a social level, but they are often the same people that define who we are and, more significantly, what we can achieve.

Look at it this way…

If these five people are who you turn to for advice, support both personal and professional, and who you look up to – then what they are doing in their lives will eventually influence your life as well.

I had a close friend who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. When he told his small group of friends in my entrepreneur’s group, we rallied and pulled out all of the stops to help him and his family – in any way we could. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer, but this time taught me one very important lesson.

I have to surround myself with people who will challenge me to grow, support me with positivity and accountability, and who will influence my life for good. I challenge you to reflect on where and with who you spend your time.

Be sure to choose your friends wisely because who you spend your most precious time with are the people who will shape who you become, what you will allow to influence you, and what things will impact the quality of your life.

Having the “right” network of friends around is often the most defining factor in your success in life. Surrounding yourself around the “wrong” people and you could risk never reaching your fullest potential.

Ultimately the choice is yours – so, choose wisely.

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