What Do You Control?

What Do You Control?

As entrepreneurs, we naturally have this sense that we want to control everything. All too often, business owners become addicted to certainty and start to believe that they can guide everything and have it go the way they want it to. And, when you take this principle to the next level, you try to control what other people do. It’s hard enough to control what happens in your own life, but to try to control other people like your kids, family members, employees, and clients can be a disaster waiting to happen.

So, what do we really control?

We control very little and this doesn’t work well for most of us. If we have so little control, then we may not feel the way we want to feel.

At the end of the day, we are looking for the emotion that the sense of control gives us. The reassurance knowing we can plan and predict what happens in our lives and in our business. But, the sad truth is, we don’t even control our own thoughts. Depending on our mood, we may even struggle to control our emotions at times.

One thing we are able to control with certainty is our actions and reactions to situations. The key to control is rooted in you taking action and not trying to control others. When you want to control things it’s all about action, so the more you do, the more you can control.

This week I challenge you to start regaining (some) control, at least if nothing else, you can gain control over your thoughts. Because when you ignore your thoughts, they tend to get louder and louder until you acknowledge them. Try today to take the time to acknowledge your thoughts, address them by asking yourself, “Why am I thinking this right now?” and then this may help you figure out what is really behind the thoughts you’re having, and how you can eliminate them altogether (especially the negative ones). Once you have addressed your thoughts, start putting some action into place and see how much more control you’re able to assert over your circumstances.

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