Where Do You Really Want to End Up?

Where Do You Really Want to End Up?

First things first.

You cannot execute, without a plan. And, you cannot plan without a goal. Take it a step further, and it becomes clear – you cannot create a goal until you can identify what it is you want to accomplish.

The foundation of your peak performance starts with you – and, only you.

So, what do you want?

Are you attracted to making more money? Do you want more time with your family? Or, are you more drawn to doing philanthropic work?

The key is to take the time to sit and reflect. At the end of every year, I spend three days at the beach really thinking about what I’ve accomplished the previous year, and, more importantly, what goals I want to pursue the coming year. But, I start with reflecting on what I want. And, once I can distill down to what it is that I really want, those things become the driving force for how I create my goals.

For example, if I decide that I want a Lamborghini. I’ll break that down. What is it about the Lamborghini I want? Is there something specific about the car that I want? Or, is it the symbol of “success” that it represents? And, analyzing it even further may reveal that it isn’t the Lamborghini itself that I want, but the financial freedom to be able to purchase it without having to sacrifice in other areas of my life. So, if financial freedom is what I really want, I can then structure my goals around growing my business, finding lean ways to operate to generate higher profits, or even leveraging my resources more efficiently so I can have the time to find other potential business opportunities.

But, had I not drilled down deeper – I could have ended up with a Lamborghini (accomplished my goal) and still not be satisfied because I didn’t fulfill my want.

This week, carve out at least an hour to reflect on two things: your wants and your goals. To perform at your best, your wants and your goals must be aligned. Otherwise, you may be investing time and energy into achieving a goal, that is not giving you what you really want.

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