Which Goals Should Make the Cut?

Which Goals Should Make the Cut? Featured Image

Which Goals Should Make the Cut?

What do you do when you have conflicting goals? You have to pick one!

Anything is attainable, but not everything is worth pursuing. Think of it this way. It’s Friday evening and you want to go out with your friends. But, you also want to go work out early Saturday morning. You can have both of these separately. You can go out with your friends and you can go to the gym. But, it is very unlikely that you can do both.

Though each event can happen (you can have anything), they can’t happen together (you can’t have everything). If you go out with your friends and stay up until 1am or later, the chances are very slim that you’ll be energized and rested enough to have a productive workout. And, likewise, if you want to be up by 5am to get to the gym, you’ll have to cut the night short by 9pm or not go at all.

Which choice you make will be determined by which goal (socializing vs. exercising) is most important to you and which is more closely aligned to your long-term goals. If you’re training for a marathon, then going to the gym has a much bigger “why” then going out with friends.

However, if the socializing event is instead a networking cocktail with potential investors and other business owners (who may offer business partnership opportunities), then this may take precedence to help you achieve your business goals.

The key is to always craft goals that will not compete with each other and, instead, will complement each other to help you create amazing forward momentum. If you find that your goals are competing and one is causing you to shift away from another, then you must take time right now to reflect on the “whys” of each goal to determine which one will help you generate better end results.

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