Why Commitment is the Secret to Success

Why Commitment is the Secret to Success

When it comes to being successful, there are certain actions you must take to reach your end goal.

First, you have to figure out what it is you want. Then, must create an efficient and an effective plan to get what it is you want. Next, you need to decide on your plan of action and, most importantly, you must commit.

If you make a decision, but fail to commit, you are destined to fail.

Think of it this way…

If I have 10 friends and we, as a group, decide to go to the beach for a getaway weekend. But, only 6 of us actually follow through and go, then it becomes clear the difference between making a decision and making a commitment.

Commitment involves not turning back, staying focused on achieving your goal, no matter what obstacles or objections you encounter. In life, we make lots of decisions, but very rarely do we commit to those decisions, with all of our efforts.

A decision without commitment is like a boat without a motor.

You may see the shore (your end goal), but if you are not committed, you’ll inevitably lack the momentum (the motor) to get there.

I challenge you this week to identify at least one decision that you can be 100% committed to seeing through to the end. Perhaps it is a personal goal, a professional goal, or something that can do to further your business. Whether it is, decide on the outcome you want and focus your attention and energy on bringing it to fruition – without fail.

Remember, to be successful, you must take an internal stance and remain committed to the things in your life that you want.

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