Why Most Accountability Doesn’t Work

Why Most Accountability Doesn't Work

Why Most Accountability Doesn’t Work

I’ll cut to the chase – most forms of accountability don’t work.

We’ve all been there with a goal we want to achieve and then within days, we’ve already failed.

But, why is this always the case?

We don’t have a battle-tested, proven way to actually hold ourselves accountable. The bottom line is if you are both the “doer” and your only source of accountability, 9 times out of 10 you are going to fall short.

You need a consistent accountability partner to see you through, every step of the way. Someone who won’t let you fail.

Take this quick story as a poignant example of how powerful an accountability partner can be.

My mother has been trying to lose weight for years. She’d try a new diet or exercise regime and within a few days, she’d revert back to the norm of eating the wrong foods and not being active enough. So, to help her really put action in her goal I had her send me a picture of the food she was going to eat before she ate it. No matter how big or small the snack or meal was, she sent it to me and I held her accountable for sticking to eating healthy. And, within two weeks she lost 12 pounds.

So, to put your goals into action and stay on track. Try this simple C.A.R.E. model to ensure you are getting the accountability to need to succeed.

Losing weight isn’t difficult, you just have to have a plan and stick to it.

Commit – Identify an outcome or result you want for yourself and communicate that to those around you. If this is not an outcome that gets you excited to want to achieve, then reflect on this and adjust your goal.

Act – Take action. Figure out what steps you need to take to work toward the result you want and dive in.

Report – Share your progress with your accountability partner or team. If you have not been keeping up with what you are supposed to be doing, expect to have to explain why. The key to your success is not in hearing what you want to hear, but, instead, hearing what you need to hear.

Evaluate – This is where your accountability partner will be key. You may feel like you are making forward progress, but it is always important to compare where you are now, what you are doing, and where you want to ultimately be. Sometimes what you are doing, though good, is not enough to propel you to the level you need to be. So, be open-minded that you may have to challenge yourself more.

For this next week, focus on one outcome you want to finally tackle, find your accountability partner or team and get started working toward your success.

  • Horst
    Posted at 14:41h, 15 June Reply

    I could not agree more. I have been trying to eat healthier and lose weight and it always worked only for a short period until I fell back into my old habits. Then I started working with a nutritionist a few months ago the key to success this time was that I had to text him my weight every morning. With him holding me accountable this way every day I stayed on track and already lost 30 pounds so far.

    • Dylan
      Posted at 13:01h, 16 June Reply

      I’m glad you agree. I think having some kind of accountability is essential to success in both business and life. Good luck and I hope you continue to keep achieving your goals.

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