Why You Must Focus on Your Strengths

Why You Must Focus on Your Strengths

Why You Must Focus on Your Strengths

When it comes to handling your strengths and weaknesses, what do you do?

Do you find ways to make your weak areas stronger? Or do you focus on making your strengths even greater?

Chances are good most people would say it is “better” to improve your weaknesses.

I beg to differ because with so many resources available to you, as long as your weaknesses can be outsourced to get the work done – then do it! For example, not all business owners are great with managing budgets. This doesn’t mean that you ignore budgets completely, but instead, find a seasoned CFO that can get the work done (and done right). Or, as another example, you may excel at networking and bringing new clients in, but struggle to maintain your social media accounts. Should you spend countless time learning how to do Facebook and Twitter? Absolutely, not because these are easy tasks to outsource, so you can focus on what you do well. And, bringing in new clients is an important revenue-generating activity for your business.

This week, I challenge you to find those things that you’re really good at and make them even better. Whether that means getting more training in these areas, or finding ways to get faster or more proficient with those skills, either way, this is where your focus needs to be.

Invest your time in the things that will pay off quickly for you. Improving your weaknesses are not always the most efficient use of your time. Rather than beat yourself up about what you “can’t” do, hyperfocus on your strengths and hire out the tasks or roles that you do not excel in.

To be clear, I am not saying don’t continue to grow. I’m simply saying you need to make sure your strengths get sharper while also remaining humble enough to know when you need help and being resourceful enough to get the help you need in those weak areas.

As the business owner, the buck does stop with you. So, when you do outsource various tasks, put in the work to follow-up to make sure the work is being handled to progress your business forward.

Do you feel stuck in your business?

Not sure how to maximize your strengths to be a peak performer?
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