Why Your Relationships Take Top Priority

Why Your Relationships Take Top Priority Featured Image

Why Your Relationships Take Top Priority

You cannot build an amazing business without strong relationships. That includes building relationships with your teams, your customers, your vendors, and your business partners.

So, for 2019, you need to focus on strengthening your relationships across the board to make this year the best one yet.

Here’s how you can do this…

  1. Identify your inner circle. Take some time this week to reflect on who is part of your inner circle, who you turn to for guidance, who you can count on when you need something done. Figure out who these people are in your life or business and let them know! All too often we never communicate how important others are to us, and we should never assume that they know either. When people know they are part of your inner circle, they often find ways to bring even more value to your relationships and have a solid understanding of what role they play in your success and in your life – and they won’t take it lightly!
  2. Who do you have the biggest impact on? Think about the people in your life and business who you influence or who may depend on you. Really consider what value you provide them. Then I challenge you to think of how you can bring even more value to that relationship. Can you start mentoring them? Could you reach out more often to check in on them? Maybe you can help them develop an idea they have. Whatever it is that you can do to invest in that relationship, make that a priority this year. A relationship should not be one-sided, it is about what you can do to give value and not extract it. You should never go into a relationship asking for everything and not being willing or able to give just as much in return. When you invest in your business and personal relationships, you will be blown away by the amount of value you can get when you make the effort.

So, this week (and through the year), focus on strengthening your relationships. It is the smallest investment you can make today to grow your business in the future.

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