You Can Have Anything, but Not Everything

You can have anything, but not everything

You Can Have Anything, but Not Everything

today’s society, we have the mantra “go big or go home”, where we imply that having everything is the ideal. And, for those who don’t have everything, they should be constantly striving to add more to their list of growing successes. This way of thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth and, in my opinion, is one of the biggest fallacies within American culture.

Simply put… you can’t have everything BUT you can have anything. If you spread your attention across multiple areas in your life, you will easily be distracted and not grow any portion of your life. Giving 15 minutes of your time each day to 10 tasks is more detrimental to your progress than giving 70 minutes of your attention to 2 tasks. Instead, if you hone in on a few items that you want to go full force with and be 100% committed you will get more accomplished and be that much closer to achieving your goals.

So I challenge you this coming week to be focused on getting anything you want – key word here is anything (not everything)! You can do this by…

1. Spending an hour reflecting – you can’t figure out where you need to grow until you figure out what you want. Take this time to do some soul- and goal-searching. Really ask yourself what you are willing to do to achieve the outcome(s) you truly want.

2. Pick one or two areas in your life – once you have thought about your overall goals, now pick just a few areas that you want to really channel all your attention and energy to. These are the “anything” areas, where if you can stay committed you can achieve anything in these realms.

3. Commit 100% to growth in these areas – getting the outcomes you want will never be possible until you commit to them. Don’t get caught in the trap of trying to perfect everything, instead continually stay focused on the one or the few things you want to achieve. If you find yourself being spread too thin, then this is your indicator that you are taking on too much and trying to chase after the “everything” rather than being laser-focused on the “anything”.

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